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Experiences with Tommy Kelly's THE JOURNEY 2018

DAY 1 Journal Entry:


"Are you really prepared to do this?"


I didn't think I could stick to a full 5 minutes of meditation -

I was wired - worrying about Marcus & dinner.

But I knew that I just had to sit my ass down,

having just fixed up my Sacred Space for this year-long program working with my Inner Guide & Shadow work, and just DO IT!


I turned on the meditation timer, and as I breathed, focused on the question that Tommy assigned for today. An overwhelming sense of sadness washed over me...I could feel myself as a Little Girl, and as the tears started to pool in my big brown eyes, I felt a sneeze come up and take over my face. What a relief!


Then I started settling in more deeply - finding my own personal comfort zone in my Body , in my Mind - racing thoughts of fears and sadness - my Dad, my Son Sebastian, my Hubby - worries. Lots of sadness still brimming.


Then the Inner Landscape shifted as I kept repeating the Question :  Are you really prepared to do this?


I felt I was being asked that Question by my Holy Guardian Angel, and by my Guides, just prior to Incarnation...I could feel my Soul's trepidation, and the suddeness of my previous sneeze felt similar to the propulsion of my landing on Gaia - my birth in California...


Then I felt the loneliness...


After more focused repitition s of The Question - I could hear it being said in Tommy's Voice - then I felt the kindness, generosity and love from him & his wife - there was a sweetness emanating from their Spirits in gifting this Journey to us...I no longer felt alone...then....


I could feel my Soul Group - both those in Body, and those from other Dimensions including the B.O.T.A. Soul Family and Paul Foster Case....I was reminded of our Connection - that this Journey group, even if we never meet in 3D, we're supporting each is the case as well with my Spiritual Brethren from Builders of the Adytum - I am definately NOT alone....


I laughed as I realized I've been doing (this kind of) Soul Group Work my whole Life - both as a participant, and as a Teacher/Guide, myself (with groups I've hosted)....and the Voice showed me how much more wondrous Now it can be with full Conscious Awareness of do Group Work consciously and purposefully - for the Good of All, of mySelf...for ALL.






Silvia Pancaro